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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer AWS-DevOps-Engineer-Professional 」という声がよく聞こえています。

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer AWS-DevOps-Engineer-Professional試験資料 - AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional NewValidDumpsで、あなたの試験のためのテクニックと勉強資料を見つけることができます。 そして、その学習教材の内容はカバー率が高くて、正確率も高いです。それはきっと君のAmazonのAWS-DevOps-Engineer-Professional 試験内容試験に合格することの良い参考資料です。


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NewValidDumpsの AmazonのAWS-DevOps-Engineer-Professional試験資料試験トレーニング資料は高度に認証されたIT領域の専門家の経験と創造を含めているものです。その権威性は言うまでもありません。

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To monitor API calls against our AWS account by different users and entities, we can use
________ to create a history of calls in bulk for later review, and use ___________ for reacting to
AWS API calls in real-time.
A. AWS CloudTrail; AWS Config
B. AWS CloudTrail; CloudWatch Events
C. AWS Config; AWS Lambda
D. AWS Config; AWS Inspector
Answer: B
CloudTrail is a batch API call collection service, CloudWatch Events enables real-time monitoring of calls through the Rules object interface.

You need to deploy an AWS stack in a repeatable manner across multiple environments. You have selected CloudFormation as the right tool to accomplish this, but have found that there is a resource type you need to create and model, but is unsupported by CloudFormation. How should you overcome this challenge?
A. Use a CloudFormation Custom Resource Template by selecting an API call to proxy for create, update, and delete actions. CloudFormation will use the AWS SDK, CLI, or API method of your choosing as the state transition function for the resource type you are modeling.
B. Create a CloudFormation Custom Resource Type by implementing create, update, and delete functionality, either by subscribing a Custom Resource Provider to an SNS topic, or by implementing the logic in AWS Lambda.
C. Submit a ticket to the AWS Forums. AWS extends CloudFormation Resource Types by releasing tooling to the AWS Labs organization on GitHub. Their response time is usually 1 day, and they complete requests within a week or two.
D. Instead of depending on CloudFormation, use Chef, Puppet, or Ansible to author Heat templates, which are declarative stack resource definitions that operate over the OpenStack hypervisor and cloud environment.
Answer: B
Custom resources provide a way for you to write custom provisioning logic in AWS CloudFormation template and have AWS CloudFormation run it during a stack operation, such as when you create, update or delete a stack. For more information, see Custom Resources. resources.html

You need to create a Route53 record automatically in CloudFormation when not running in production during all launches of a Template. How should you implement this?
A. Use a <code>Parameter</code> for <code>environment</code>, and add a
<code>Condition</code> on the Route53 <code>Resource</code> in the template to create the record only when <code>environment</code> is not <code>production</code>.
B. Use a <code>Parameter</code> for <code>environment</code>, and add a
<code>Condition</code> on the Route53 <code>Resource</code> in the template to create the record with a null string when <code>environment</code> is <code>production</code>.
C. Create two templates, one with the Route53 record and one without it. Use the one without it when deploying to production.
D. Create two templates, one with the Route53 record value and one with a null value for the record.
Use the one without it when deploying to production.
Answer: A
The best way to do this is with one template, and a Condition on the resource. Route53 does not allow null strings for records. structure.html

An education company has a Docker-based application running on multiple Amazon EC2 instances in an Amazon ECS cluster. When deploying a new version of the application, the Developer, pushes a new image to a private Docker container registry, and then stops and starts all tasks to ensure that they all have the latest version of the application. The Developer discovers that the new tasks are, occasionally running with an old image.
How can this issue be prevented?
A. Update the digest on the task definition when pushing the new image.
B. Use Amazon ECR for a Docker container registry.
C. After pushing the new image, restart ECS Agent, and then start the tasks.
D. Use "latest" for the Docker image tag in the task definition.
Answer: C

You need to perform ad-hoc business analytics queries on well-structured data. Data comes in constantly at a high velocity. Your business intelligence team can understand SQL. What AWS service(s) should you look to first?
A. EMR running Apache Spark
B. Kinesis Firehose + RDS
C. EMR using Hive
D. Kinesis Firehose + RedShift
Answer: D
Kinesis Firehose provides a managed service for aggregating streaming data and inserting it into
RedShift. RedShift also supports ad-hoc queries over well-structured data using a SQL-compliant wire protocol, so the business team should be able to adopt this system easily.

Amazon AWS-Certified-Big-Data-Specialty-KR - ここには、私たちは君の需要に応じます。 CyberArk CAU401 - 何か疑問があれば、我々の係員を問い合わせたり、メールで我々を連絡したりすることができます。 NewValidDumpsのAmazonのOracle 1Z0-1031試験トレーニング資料は試験問題と解答を含まれて、豊富な経験を持っているIT業種の専門家が長年の研究を通じて作成したものです。 IT業界でのほとんどの人はAmazonのSAP C-TFIN22-67-JPN試験の重要性を知っています。 Oracle 1Z0-900 - 我々の誠意を信じてください。

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