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A SysOps Administrator has configured health checks on a load balancer. An Amazon EC2 instance attached to this load balancer fails the health check.
What will happen next? (Choose two.)
A. The load balancer will continue to perform the health check on the EC2 instance.
B. A new EC2 instance will be deployed to replace the unhealthy instance.
C. The EC2 instance will be rebooted.
D. The load balancer will stop sending traffic to the EC2 instance.
E. The EC2 instance will be terminated based on the health check failure.
Answer: A,D

An organization has created 50 IAM users. The organization has introduced a new policy which will change the access of an IAM user. How can the organization implement this effectively so that there is no need to apply the policy at the individual user level?
A. Add each user to the IAM role as per their organization role to achieve effective policy setup
B. The user can create a policy and apply it to multiple users in a single go with the AWS CLI
C. Use the IAM groups and add users as per their role to different groups and apply policy to group
D. Use the IAM role and implement access at the role level
Answer: C
With AWS IAM, a group is a collection of IAM users. A group allows the user to specify permissions for a collection of users, which can make it easier to manage the permissions for those users. A group helps an organization manage access in a better way; instead of applying at the individual level, the organization can apply at the group level which is applicable to all the users who are a part of that group.

An application accesses data through a file system interface. The application runs on Amazon
EC2 instances in multiple Availability Zones, all of which must share the same data. While the amount of data is currently small, the company anticipates that it will grow to tens of terabytes over the lifetime of the application.
What is the MOST scalable storage solution to fulfill the requirement?
A. Connect a large Amazon EBS volume to multiple instances and schedule snapshots.
B. Launch an EC2 instance and share data using SMB/CIFS or NFS.
C. Deploy an AWS Storage Gateway cached volume on Amazon EC2.
D. Deploy Amazon EFS is in the VPC and create mount targets in multiple subnets.
Answer: C

A company is setting up a VPC peering connection between its VPC and a customer's VPC. The company VPC is an IPv4 CIDR block of, and the customer's is an IPv4 CIDR block of The SysOps Administrator wants to be able to ping the customer's database private IP address from one of the company's Amazon EC2 instances.
What action should be taken to meet the requirements?
A. Instruct the customer to set up a VPC with the same IPv4 CIDR block as that of the source VPC:
B. Ensure that both accounts are linked and are part of consolidated billing to create a file sharing network, and then enable VPC peering.
C. Instruct the customer to create a virtual private gateway to link the two VPCs.
D. Ensure that both VPC owners manually add a route to the VPC route tables that points to the IP address range of the other VP
Answer: A

A user has created a VPC with a subnet and a security group. The user has launched an instance in that subnet and attached a public IP. The user is still unable to connect to the instance.
The Internet gateway has also been created. What can be the reason for the error?
A. The internet gateway is not configured with the security group
B. The internet gateway is not configured with the route table
C. The private IP is not present
D. The outbound traffic on the security group is disabled
Answer: B
A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a virtual network dedicated to the user's AWS account. AWS provides two features the user can use to increase security in VPC: security groups and network ACLs. Security groups work at the instance level. When a user launches an instance and wants to connect to an instance, he needs an internet gateway. The Internet gateway should be configured with the route table to allow traffic from the Internet.

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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

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