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NewValidDumpsはとても良い選択で、1Z0-1060実際試験の試験を最も短い時間に縮められますから、あなたの費用とエネルギーを節約することができます。それに、あなたに美しい未来を作ることに助けを差し上げられます。Oracleの1Z0-1060実際試験認定試験に受かるのはあなたの技能を検証することだけでなく、あなたの専門知識を証明できて、上司は無駄にあなたを雇うことはしないことの証明書です。 NewValidDumpsはOracleの1Z0-1060実際試験「Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials」試験に関する完全な資料を唯一のサービスを提供するサイトでございます。NewValidDumpsが提供した問題集を利用してOracleの1Z0-1060実際試験試験は全然問題にならなくて、高い点数で合格できます。 あなたはキャリアで良い昇進のチャンスを持ちたいのなら、NewValidDumpsのOracleの1Z0-1060実際試験「Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials」試験トレーニング資料を利用してOracleの認証の証明書を取ることは良い方法です。

Oracle Financials Cloud 1Z0-1060 問題があったら気軽にお問いください、

NewValidDumpsの1Z0-1060 - Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials実際試験問題集の合格率が100%に達することも数え切れない受験生に証明された事実です。 NewValidDumpsはOracleの1Z0-1060 学習指導認定試験に対して問題集を提供しておるサイトで、現場のOracleの1Z0-1060 学習指導試験問題と模擬試験問題集を含みます。ほかのホームページに弊社みたいな問題集を見れば、あとでみ続けて、弊社の商品を盗作することとよくわかります。


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1Z0-1060 PDF DEMO:

Where do you define the currency conversion type to be used in converting accounted amount for reporting currency ledger?
A. Specify Ledger Options
B. Manage Subledger Accounting Options
C. Manage Accounting Attribute Assignments
D. Manage Reporting Currencies
Answer: C

After registering a new source system into Accounting Hub and going live for a short period, your customer identified the need to add additional transaction sources. What should you do?
A. Add new transaction sources in the current source system registration spreadsheet and re-upload the spreadsheet file.
B. Register another source system that includes these new transaction sources.
C. Tell them this cannot be implemented.
D. Add new transaction sources from the user interface.
Answer: C

Which four options are used to reconcile subledger journal entries?
A. Run the Subledger Accounting Method Setups report.
B. Tag supporting references with journal entry lines.
C. Build a custom OTBI report.
D. Set up reconciliation using the reconciliation reference accounting attribute.
E. Run the Subledger Accounting Diagnostics report.
F. Assign a descriptive text and source on journal lines.
Answer: A,B,C,E

Given the business use case:
'New Trucks' runs a fleet of trucks in a rental business In the U.S. The majority of the trucks are owned; however, In some cases, 'New Truck' may procure other trucks by renting them from third parties to their customers. When trucks are leased, the Internal source code is 'L'. When trucks are owned, the internal source code is 'O'. This identifies different accounts used for the Journal entry.
Customers sign a contract to initiate the truck rental for a specified duration period. The insurance fee is included in the contract and recognized over the rental period. For maintenance of the trucks, the "New Trucks* company has a subsidiary company
'Fix Trucks' that maintains its own profit and loss entity. To track all revenue, discounts, and maintenance expenses, 'New Trucks' needs to be able to view: total maintenance fee, total outstanding receivables, rental payment discounts, and total accrued and recognized insurance fee income. 'New Trucks' and' Fix Trucks' are located in the same country and share chart-of accounts and accounting conventions.
How many ledgers are required to be set up?
A. One primary, one secondary ledger
B. One primary ledger
C. One primary, one repotting currency ledger
D. Two primary ledgers
Answer: B

What are the tables or views from which the Create Accounting process takes source data that is used in accounting rules to create journal entries referred to as?
A. Source objects
B. Mapping sets
C. Transaction objects
D. Event entities
Answer: D

Oracle 1z1-931-JPN - NewValidDumpsがそばのいてあげたら、全ての難問が解決できます。 あなたは自分の望ましいOracle Microsoft AZ-103-JPN問題集を選らんで、学びから更なる成長を求められます。 NewValidDumpsのOracleのMicrosoft DP-201試験トレーニング資料を手に入れたら、試験に合格することができるようになります。 短時間でOracle 1z1-1080-JPN試験に一発合格したいなら、我々社のOracleのOracle 1z1-1080-JPN資料を参考しましょう。 SAP C-CP-11-JP - NewValidDumpsで、あなたは試験に関するすべての優れた参考書を見つけることができます。

Updated: Aug 06, 2020

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試験名称:Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials
問題と解答:全 60
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試験名称:Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials
問題と解答:全 60
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試験名称:Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud 2019 Implementation Essentials
問題と解答:全 60
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