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NewValidDumps提供した商品の品質はとても良くて、しかも更新のスピードももっともはやくて、もし君はAmazonのSAP-C01的中率の認証試験に関する学習資料をしっかり勉強して、成功することも簡単になります。 IT認定試験の中でどんな試験を受けても、NewValidDumpsのSAP-C01的中率試験参考資料はあなたに大きなヘルプを与えることができます。それは NewValidDumpsのSAP-C01的中率問題集には実際の試験に出題される可能性がある問題をすべて含んでいて、しかもあなたをよりよく問題を理解させるように詳しい解析を与えますから。 完全な知識がこの高度専門の試験に合格するのは必要でNewValidDumpsは君にこれらの資源を完全な需要に備わっています。


あなたはインターネットでAmazonのSAP-C01 - AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional的中率認証試験の練習問題と解答の試用版を無料でダウンロードしてください。 早速買いに行きましょう。NewValidDumpsのAmazonのSAP-C01 英語版試験トレーニング資料を使ったら、君のAmazonのSAP-C01 英語版認定試験に合格するという夢が叶えます。


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In the context of AWS IAM, identify a true statement about user passwords (login profiles).
A. They cannot contain Basic Latin (ASCII) characters.
B. They must begin and end with a forward slash (/).
C. They can contain any Basic Latin (ASCII) characters.
D. They must contain Unicode characters.
Answer: C
The user passwords (login profiles) of IAM users can contain any Basic Latin (ASCII)characters.

The ________ service is targeted at organizations with multiple users or systems that use
AWS products such as Amazon EC2, Amazon SimpleDB, and the AWS Management Console.
A. Amazon RDS
B. AWS Identity and Access Management
C. Amazon EMR
D. AWS Integrity Management
Answer: B

A company is building an AWS landing zone and has asked a Solutions Architect to design a multi-account access strategy that will allow hundreds of users to use corporate credentials to access the AWS Console. The company is running a Microsoft Active Directory and users will use an AWS
Direct Connect connection to connect to AWS. The company also wants to be able to federate to third-party services and providers, including custom applications.
Which solution meets the requirements by using the LEAST amount of management overhead?
A. Connect the Active Directory to AWS by using single sign-on and an Active Directory Federation
Services (AD FS) with SAML 2.0, and then configure the identity Provider (IdP) system to use form- based authentication. Build the AD FS portal page with corporate branding, and integrate third-party applications that support SAML 2.0 as required.
B. Configure single sign-on by connecting the on-premises Active Directory using the AWS Directory
Service AD Connector. Enable federation to the AWS services and accounts by using the IAM applications and services linking function. Leverage third-party single sign-on as needed.
C. Create a two-way Forest trust relationship between the on-premises Active Directory and the AWS
Directory Service. Set up AWS Single Sign-On with AWS Organizations. Use single sign-on integrations for connections with third-party applications.
D. Connect the company's Active Directory to AWS by using AD FS and SAML 2.0. Configure the AD FS claim rule to leverage Regex third-party single sign-on as needed, and add it to the AD FS server.
Answer: D

A user has launched a dedicated EBS backed instance with EC2. You are curious where the
EBS volume for this instance will be created.
Which statement is correct about the EBS volume's creation?
A. The EBS volume will not be created on the same tenant hardware assigned to the dedicated instance
B. The EBS volume will be created on the same tenant hardware assigned to the dedicated instance
C. AWS does not allow a dedicated EBS backed instance launch
D. The user can specify where the EBS will be created
Answer: A
The dedicated instances are Amazon EC2 instances that run in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on hardware that is dedicated to a single customer. When a user launches an Amazon EBS-backed dedicated instance, the EBS volume does not run on single-tenant hardware.

A company needs to run a software package that has a license that must be run on the same physical host for the duration of its use. The software package is only going to be used for 90 days.
The company requires patching and restarting of all instances every 30 days.
How can these requirements be met using AWS?
A. Run a dedicated instance with auto-placement disabled.
B. Run the instance on a dedicated host with Host Affinity set to Host.
C. Run the instance on a licensed host with termination set for 90 days.
D. Run an On-Demand instance with a Reserved Instance to ensure consistent placement.
Answer: B

NewValidDumpsは実際の環境で本格的なAmazonのSAP C-TADM55A-75「AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional」の試験の準備過程を提供しています。 SAP C-THR95-1908 - NewValidDumpsは君の悩みを解決できます。 Avaya 71300X - 我々は心からあなたが首尾よく試験に合格することを願っています。 Oracle 1Z0-1054 - NewValidDumpsを選ぶのは、成功を選ぶのに等しいと言えます。 AmazonのAmazon AWS-DevOps-Engineer-Professional認定試験は実は技術専門家を認証する試験です。

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