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Identify a benefit of using Auto Scaling for your application.
A. Your application receives latency requirements in every region.
B. Your application optimizes only logistics and operations.
C. Your application gains better fault tolerance.
D. You acquire clarity on prototypes in your application.
Answer: C
When you use Auto Scaling, your applications gain better fault tolerance. Auto Scaling can detect when an instance is unhealthy, terminate it, and launch an instance to replace it. You can also configure Auto Scaling to use multiple Availability Zones. If one Availability Zone becomes unavailable, Auto Scaling can launch instances in another one to compensate.

A company wants to move a web application to AWS. The application stores session information locally on each web server, which will make auto scaling difficult. As part of the migration, the application will be rewritten to decouple the session data from the web servers. The company requires low latency, scalability, and availability.
Which service will meet the requirements for storing the session information in the MOST cost- effective way?
A. Amazon ElastiCache with the Redis engine
B. Amazon RDS MySQL
C. Amazon ElastiCache with the Memcached engine
D. Amazon S3
Answer: A

A user is planning to use EBS for his DB requirement. The user already has an EC2 instance running in the VPC private subnet.
How can the user attach the EBS volume to a running instance?
A. The user can specify the same subnet while creating EBS and then attach it to a running instance.
B. The user can create EBS in the same zone as the subnet of instance and attach that EBS to instance.
C. It is not possible to attach an EBS to an instance running in VPC until the instance is stopped.
D. The user must create EBS within the same VPC and then attach it to a running instance.
Answer: B
A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a virtual network dedicated to the user's AWS account. The user can create subnets as per the requirement within a VPC. The VPC is always specific to a region. The user can create a VPC which can span multiple Availability Zones by adding one or more subnets in each
Availability Zone.
The instance launched will always be in the same availability zone of the respective subnet. When creating an EBS the user cannot specify the subnet or VPC. However, the user must create the EBS in the same zone as the instance so that it can attach the EBS volume to the running instance.

A user is trying to create a PIOPS EBS volume with 3 GB size and 90 IOPS. Will AWS create the volume?
A. No, the EBS size is less than 4GB
B. Yes, since PIOPS is higher than 100
C. No, since the PIOPS and EBS size ratio is less than 30
D. Yes, since the ratio between EBS and IOPS is less than 30
Answer: A
A Provisioned IOPS (SSD) volume can range in size from 4 GiB to 16 TiB and you can provision up to
20,000 IOPS per volume. iops

The ________ service is targeted at organizations with multiple users or systems that use
AWS products such as Amazon EC2, Amazon SimpleDB, and the AWS Management Console.
A. Amazon RDS
B. AWS Identity and Access Management
C. Amazon EMR
D. AWS Integrity Management
Answer: B

弊社のVMware 5V0-34.19のトレーニング資料を買ったら、一年間の無料更新サービスを差し上げます。 CWNP CWNA-107 - それは実践の検査に合格したソフトですから、全ての関連するIT認証に満たすことができます。 AmazonのOracle 1Z0-1063試験トレーニングソースを提供するサイトがたくさんありますが、NewValidDumpsは最実用な資料を提供します。 CompTIA XK0-004J - 当社の資料はあなたがIT専門家になるように特別に受験生の皆さんのために作成したものです。 Oracle 1z0-063 - 試験の目標が変わる限り、あるいは我々の勉強資料が変わる限り、すぐに更新して差し上げます。

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

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