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もし運が良くないとき、失敗したら、お金を返してあなたの経済損失を減らします。我々社のチームは顧客のすべてのために、改革政策に伴って最新版の信頼できるSalesforceのCRT-271復習問題集をリリースされて喜んでいます。我々社はCRT-271復習問題集問題集のクオリティーをずっと信じられますから、試験に失敗するとの全額返金を承諾します。 まだ何を待っていますか。早速買いに行きましょう。 次のジョブプロモーション、プロジェクタとチャンスを申し込むとき、Salesforce CRT-271復習問題集資格認定はライバルに先立つのを助け、あなたの大業を成し遂げられます。

Salesforce Community Cloud CRT-271 それは正確性が高くて、カバー率も広いです。

つまりCRT-271 - Certification Preparation For Community Cloud Consultants復習問題集練習問題はあなたの最も正しい選択です。 無料デモはあなたに安心で購入して、購入した後1年間の無料SalesforceのCRT-271 学習体験談試験の更新はあなたに安心で試験を準備することができます、あなたは確実に購入を休ませることができます私たちのソフトウェアを試してみてください。もちろん、我々はあなたに一番安心させるのは我々の開発する多くの受験生に合格させるSalesforceのCRT-271 学習体験談試験のソフトウェアです。


Salesforce CRT-271復習問題集 - これは試験に合格した受験生の一人が言ったのです。

NewValidDumpsは実際の環境で本格的なSalesforceのCRT-271復習問題集「Certification Preparation For Community Cloud Consultants」の試験の準備過程を提供しています。もしあなたは初心者若しくは専門的な技能を高めたかったら、NewValidDumpsのSalesforceのCRT-271復習問題集「Certification Preparation For Community Cloud Consultants」の試験問題があなたが一歩一歩自分の念願に近くために助けを差し上げます。試験問題と解答に関する質問があるなら、当社は直後に解決方法を差し上げます。しかも、一年間の無料更新サービスを提供します。



Regional Containers want to ensure any Community members without Community contributions are moderated by the Community Manager, how would this requirement be implemented?
A. Download the Advanced Community Moderation lightning component and configure it in the
Community Builder
B. Use a Community Moderation Rule
C. Define Community Member Criteria
D. Leverage the Community Cloud Moderation API with APEX
Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) is launching a Partner Community for its resellers who have access to leads, opportunities, and dashboards. UC has the following requirements to support their partners during the sales cycle:
- UC can engage with partners during the sales cycle
- UC can have internal only discussions
- The channel manager can bring any UC employee to the discussion
- UC employees might have access to the partner community
How should a Salesforce administrator fulfil these requirements?
Select one or more of the following:
A. Leverage the opportunity feed and manual shares for access control
B. Leverage unlisted groups and record sharing for access control
C. Leverage private groups and record sharing the access control
D. Leverage the opportunity feed and group record layout access control
Answer: A

Wendy, the Community Manager at Regional Containers has come to you for advice on managing the Community (Community Manager & Community Builder) from a Mobile Device, what do you recommend?
A. Wendy should download the OneCommunity Manager app where she will be able to make limited administrative changes to the Community
B. Wendy should download the Salesforce1 app and access the Community Manager through the
Salesforce1 switcher
C. Navigate to the community URL and append /manage/ and you will be able login to the mobile community management site
D. Wendy should access Community Manager and Community Builder via a Desktop browser only
Answer: D

Universal Containers builds a Community to expose Leads and Opportunities to their resellers.
They have a team Of Channel Managers who manage the partner accounts. Universal Containers wants each Channel Manager to be able to: * Grant Or remove employees access to the partner account. * Specify the access level (Read, Read-Write). * Add or remove a group of employees to the partner account. * Manage their Own group Of employees. How should the Salesforce Admin fulfill this requirement?
A. Leverage manual shares.
B. Leverage Account Teams.
C. Leverage public groups.
D. Leverage sharing rules.
Answer: B

Universal Containers has built Visualforce pages for the bid process with integration to their on-premise system, and they use these pages internally. Universal Containers wants to launch a
Community and reuse these pages for their contractors and vendors.
Community members should be able to:
- Search and find articles on standard operating procedures.
- Submit invoices and receive status updates.
- Submit bids and receive updates.
How should the Salesforce Admin build this Community?
A. Build a community in the external website and integrate with Salesforce for bid processes and other information.
B. Use the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template and add the tabs for different requirements.
C. Select the Template with the Navigation menu for invoices and bid processes.
D. Provide access to the internal Salesforce org and limit access by profiles.
Answer: B

NewValidDumpsのSalesforceのISACA CISM試験問題資料は質が良くて値段が安い製品です。 NewValidDumpsのSalesforceのGoogle Associate-Cloud-Engineer試験トレーニング資料はIT認証試験に受かる最高の資料で、手に入れたら成功への鍵を持つようになります。 Oracle 1Z0-997-JPN - 優れたキャリアを持ったら、社会と国のために色々な利益を作ることができて、国の経済が継続的に発展していることを進められるようになります。 SAP C_TS4FI_1909 - 成功の楽園にどうやって行きますか。 Pegasystems PEGAPCSSA80V1_2019 - 「信仰は偉大な感情で、創造の力になれます。

Updated: Jul 08, 2020

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