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9A0-411 PDF DEMO:

An Adobe Analytics Developer needs to implement internal search tracking per the following
Solution Design Reference (SDR):
prop1 is being set with the internal search phrase on the click of the search button of the site. prop2 is set with the number of results immediately afterwards on the search results page. When analyzing the repotting and breaking down the number of results (prop2) by internal search phrase (prop1l), the number of results does NOT return the phrases used. The reporting is NOT allowing the breakdown from prop2 to prop1.
What is causing this issue?
A. A custom event was NOT used in the reporting for prop1 and prop2.
B. Correlation has NOT been enabled for these props.
C. Two different props were being used.
D. prop1 and prop2 were NOT set at the same time.
Answer: A

Video measurement reports in Adobe Analytics are not being populated. The developer confirms that Video Reporting has been enabled in the Adobe Analytics Console.
What might be causing this issue?
A. s.video.Track is set to "false" in appMeasurement.
B. The Adobe Analytics Media Module has not been added to appMeasurement.
C. s.vide0Measurement has not been set to "true" in appMeasurement.
D. The Adobe Analytics videoMeasurement plug-in has not been added to appMeasurement.
Answer: D

A 'global' page load rule is set to load on all site pages EXCEPT the search results page, which will return results to the page via ajax instead of the standard page load.
Which two actions should be taken so that the ajax search results can be correctly tracked as a page view?
(Choose two.)
A. Set the global page load rule to trigger at top of page so it will wait for ajax to return
B. Create a function using setTimeOut that will call a page view direct all rule alter waiting a few milliseconds so ajax can return
C. Create a direct call rule that will set the appropriate page load variables on the search results page only
D. Create a condition within the global page load rule so the rule will NOT fire on the search results page
Answer: C,D

A developer is using event16 on the confirmation page to capture any discount amount that was applied to the individual product at the time of purchase. Using a Dynamic Tag Management
(DIM) rule on the confirmation page, the product string and event list are set as follows:
s.pioducts = *;8675309;1;10.00:event16=2.00*
s. events = *purchase*
s.purchaselD =*12i4567*
After initial testing of the rule using the browser console a developer can see data for event16 within the image request. After 30 minutes within Adobe Analytics, the developer notices that event16 is
NOT reporting any data.
What is causing this issue?
A. The event list should abo include "event16".
B. The code is correct. Wait for the data to process.
C. The event has NOT been configured in the interface to be included as part of the product string.
D. The value of event16 must be in single quotes to process correctly.
Answer: A

A developer needs to add a third party tracking pixel to a Site using Adobe Dynamic Tag
Management (DTM). This pixel is NOT actually an image request. The pixel uses JavaScript to dynamically send data to the third party tracking vendor. The pixels documentation states thai it must be added to the pages <head> and executed before the <body> begins loading.
What type of rule should the developer use?
A. A page load rule firing at "Top of Page" with sequential JavaScript
B. A page load rule firing at "Top of Page" with non-sequential JavaScript
C. A page load role firing at "Onload" with sequential JavaScript
D. A page load rule firing at "Onload" with sequential JavaScript
Answer: B

ほんとんどお客様は我々NewValidDumpsのAdobe SAP C-S4CAM-2002問題集を使用してから試験にうまく合格しましたのは弊社の試験資料の有効性と信頼性を説明できます。 Microsoft 70-762 - IT業界ではさらに強くなるために強い専門知識が必要です。 だから、弊社の提供するBCS BAP18問題集を暗記すれば、きっと試験に合格できます。 Juniper JN0-362 - そして、NewValidDumpsに多くの受験生の歓迎されます。 SAP C_ARSUM_2005 - NewValidDumpsにたくさんのIT専門人士がいって、弊社の問題集に社会のITエリートが認定されて、弊社の問題集は試験の大幅カーバして、合格率が100%にまで達します。

Updated: May 27, 2020

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試験名称:Adobe Analytics Developer ACE Exam
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試験名称:Adobe Analytics Developer ACE Exam
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試験名称:Adobe Analytics Developer ACE Exam
問題と解答:全 62
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